When browsing the internet you are using the HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Whenever you are clicking a button, calling an address in the browser, download a file on the internet, you are making an HTTP request. As simple as they may seem, there are process behind the curtain that make it all work. Have you ever wondered how it works behind the curtain? In this article I’ll explain to you how HTTP works.

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HTTP is a so called request response protocol. Meaning the client sends the request and the Server replies with a response. Request and response are both carefully formatted messages…

In my I talked about what an URL is. In this article I’ll go a little bit further and talk in easy to understand way about what URL encoding is and why it is so important to URL encode.

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URL was designed to make it as usable and interoperable as possible. Therefore the internet standard defines so called “unsafe characters”.

Examples for unsafe characters are:
The space “ ”, because they seem to disappear when printed or you don’t know how man space characters are there.
The pond/sharp character “#”, because it is reserved for the fragment (we covered what…

What makes up a URL, what are its components, and what do they mean?

As a web developer it’s important to know the different parts of the URL and its functions. But even for “normal” internet users it is helpful to know which part is responsible for which task.

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When browsing through the web you inevitably come across the address bar in your browser and the address in it. An example is this:


The address that you saw above is called URL (Unified Resource Locator). With the URL you can access certain resources on the internet. It’s generalized structure looks like this:


First you have the URL scheme (in our example “http”)…

Encryption, encoding, and hashing are often mistaken or (wrongly) used interchangeably. Because, let’s face it, you take a text, do some processing with it and the result is some random mud of text — this description could fit to encryption, encoding, or hashing either way. So it is understandable why people confuse them.

But the difference is critical. If you work in IT you should know these terms, and more importantly know the difference between then. In this article I’ll explain to you in simple terms the differences betweeen encryption, encoding, and hashing.

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Encryption is a method to obfuscate information…

Privacy and the protection of it has never been more important than today. It’s therefore important to know at least the core concepts about encryption. You may have heard about symmetric and asymmetric encryption before. In today’s world, you probably have used either of them without knowing it. In this article I’ll outline to you the basics of symmetric and asymmetric encryption in simple terms.

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Encryption is a method of changing the data so that only authorized people can understand them. It’s a way of protecting sensible data from unauthorized people. Usually you encrypt your data with a cryptographic key…

We are using emails on a daily basis. It is safe to say that if you are using a computer, you probably have used emails before. But do you know how emails work underneath? In this article I’ll explain to you how emails work in simple terms by using analogies to the real world.

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Before we start, we have to first understand a few terms. There will be a lot of abbreviations and it may not make sense at first. But they are important as we refer to them when I explain them the whole picture.

Servers and application

You need different kind…

By now Deno is 2 years old already. That’s the right age to take a few steps with him. In I gave an overview, why it was created, what Deno can already do and discussed the pros and cons. In this article I want to take a few steps with Deno together with you. We will build a small project step by step.

The goal of the project will be to write a simple CRUD REST API that will allow our financial advisors to manage applications of their clients by creating, deleting and adding notes to the…

Deno is a JavaScript (JS) runtime written in Rust and offers new features and a modern setup. A major release was published at the end of October this year. A good opportunity to review what Deno is exactly, what the current main features are, and how Deno works.

I have divided this article into two parts: The first, theoretical, part is about describing why Deno was developed, what the current features of Deno are and finally analyzing the advantages and disadvantages. …

When learning a new language it is important to apply the knowledge. Sometimes you are stuck not knowing how to apply the new found knowledge. In this article I will suggest you 9 ideas on beginner level for you to implement in JavaScript. The skill you will train is not only JavaScript but also HTML and CSS.

At the end of each idea I have also added an “advance” note that takes things to a more advance level if any of you feel that the idea is a little bit too easy. Hope you have fun implementing them. :)

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1. Todo List


Even Senior Developers Sometimes Make These Mistakes

Time and time again I noticed in tutorials people make “mistakes” when using Git. Surprisingly, as you can expect from them to know what they are doing. I also sometimes noticed senior developers do them, too.

These “mistakes” aren’t critical as they don’t break anything but they reveal that some developers, even seasoned ones, have a misconception of good practice when using Git. It’s probably because they have been accustomed doing so during the years and now have become a habit. …


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